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This award was presented by eGROWHTH Business Network on the occasion of an event named Celebration of Womanhood. It’s the world’s first BAD (Business Advisory and Development) ecosystem. In this event, the journey’s comes from many parts of INDIA like Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Coimbatore, Delhi/NCR (Delhi, New Delhi, Faridabad, Gurugram, Noida, Ghaziabad), Greater Mumbai (Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai), Hong Kong, Indore, Kolkata, Lucknow, Ludhiana, Moradabad, Nashik, Pune and Rudrapur.

What is Womanhood?

We do not live in the same world our mothers lived in when they were our age, and perhaps one of the most crucial elements to come into our own as women who do, create, and foster world change is recognizing the ways our definition of womanhood looks different from theirs. We have come a long way since Aretha sang to the world about R-E-S-P-E-C-T, and we still have much to go, but today we look back and present gratitude for the opportunities to define our own terms of what it means to be female.



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About Me

Since 5 years, I am Working as a life coach in this industry and my techniques and experience has made many results for my clients. Neeta Mehta only works with the types of clients that shows a deep understanding of the strategies and principles such as emotionally connecting to goals, how the language we use has the power to change our lives and identifying negative patterns that hold you back.

My Timeline

NLP Practioner
Master NLP Practioner
Life Coach
Worked as a Counselor
Becomes a Master Life Coach
Globally Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner



Workshop Testimonial


“A sparkling soul that you have made in any meet all the more sparkling! thank you for your guidance for digital detox.. I will never make my life lists on your session brought in a lot of introspection”.


Workshop Testimonial


Thank you for hearing me out… it was a very engaging meet with an interesting mix of people kudos to you  Neeta ji  your session was amazing and I’ll try to avoid phone and TV I ad maybe slowly”



Workshop Testimonial


“It was wonderful to chat with you @ NEETA MEHTA PARASHAR and Loved your Sessions. The time distribution of 8hrly module to organize is really helpful to me from which I learned from your Session yesterday.” Thank You.


Client with Work Stress

I was facing a great problem in my personal life and also was facing a lot of work stress due to my work. Because of work stress I usually maintain quiet which affected my family and my friends as well. After few months my friend consulted her as a result coach and after taking few sessions from Neeta Mehta, I was perfect and was able to handle my work stress and was also giving time to family and friends. 


A client with Work Stress

Depression Survivor

I was known as the perfect example of Depression and after taking coaching from Neeta Mehta, I felt myself to be recovered and giving myself a good time and also because of training from Neeta Mehta, I was also able to strengthen relationships with my family. I can truly say that because of her, I got a new life and journey


Depression Survivor

Rashmi Singh

I truly felt to be emotional and getting irritated on small things but after taking a few sessions by Neeta Mehta, I truly imagine myself as a new me and was enhancing my behaviour because of her. I thank her for making my personal life more enhance and better than earlier. It was a gift to myself by Neeta Mehta



Vijay Kumar Singh

I can proudly say that life coach word has been titled as best for Neeta Mehta because after taking sessions from her she helped me to meet the new me and also worked upon me to improve my physical and mental status. I can say that today, where I am, is because of her. After her councelling, I made some great achievements and also made some deep relations with people. 



Featured Case


A Friend in Depression

The case is not of any other client but of my friend itself. I have a friend who was facing a huge emotional pressure and slowly falling into depression which made her life miserable. She was not speaking to anyone, neither to her family nor to her friends which resulted in worry for her parents and guardians. As a life coach, I had to bring her out of the condition which she was facing.

It took me 4 months to brings her out of the situation of depression. The major difficulty which I faced was to bring her out from her room because she was not listening to anybody else. Slowly, with the help of hypnotizing technique, I made her mind clear and she was able to broke her emotional fear and blockage. When she cried she was able to broke out her anger and was free from emotional thunder.

After working for some months she was completely fine and was able to live a new life and was happy with her family and friends. It was hard to make her fit but it takes much time for bringing her out. One thing which was amazing is that she didn’t know that I was treating her. After recovery, she took some sessions from me for enhancing her behavior and to build up her confidence.

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The Purpose of Life
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Mudras and Their Role

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